Fixed fees

At George Papamihail Barristers and Solicitors, we are determined to provide a full range of legal services for the best possible price, often resulting in fixed-fee package options to keep your costs low upon the careful consideration of factors such as the scope of the work required, an estimation of time taken and the complexity of the matter.
Fixed Fees provide a range of benefits for clients, including:
Low costs
Fixed costs take into account an array of factors and often allow for discounted prices on the hours worked by both legal and administrative staff, meaning clients don’t have to stress over high fees for a case of any size.
A careful discussion of costs at the start of any matter can help clarify key information early on in a matter, whilst also clarifying to both clients and practitioners the exact work to be done.
Fixed fees mean that as a client you won’t find yourself shocked at unexpected bills. Under our fixed fee structure, we only charge you what we’ve agreed upon.
Shared risk pricing
With fixed fees, our practitioners will work in a timely matter to get the work done on time as we will only be paid to do so.
We also offer a fixed price for simple matters, including legal document drafting and review, document filing, court appearances, and advice.
Matter Price (including GST)
Advice (Civil, Criminal, Family, Traffic Matter) – 1 hour consultation First Consultation $275
Independent Legal Advice – Borrower/Guarantor $550
Draft letter* $275
Review Lease/Contract* $880
Draft Lease/Contract* $1100
Draft Trust Deed* $770
Draft Loan Agreement* $880
Loan Agreement Advice $330
Will ** $440
Will for couples ** $550
Wills for people not fluent in English $660 + ***
Family Estate Planning $550
Survivorship/Transmission Application $795 per application ****
Transfer to Beneficiaries $2200 per property ****
Property Settlement – Residential Buyer (under $1m) $880
Property Settlement – Residential Buyer ($1m+) $1320
Property Settlement – Residential Seller $770
Property Settlement – Commercial Buyer $1500
Property Settlement – Commercial Seller $1000
Single Court Appearance (no longer than 2 hours) $660
Traffic Court Appearance (no longer than 2 hours) $660
Family Court Appearance (no longer than 2 hours) $660
AAT Hearing Appearance (no longer than 2 hours) $660
Debt Recovery Letter $330
Creditor’s Statutory Demand $770

* Subject to complexity

** Simple Will, not involving trusts or companies

*** Disbursement of translator’s fee

**** our fixed fee excludes Landgate registration fee, certificate of title search, etc (charged at cost) and transfer duties (as assessed).

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