Employment Law

Your work is your livelihood.
When something goes wrong at work it can be devastating. At George Papamihail Barrister & Solicitors we can assist in providing expert legal advice to both employees and employers on all employment law matters such as unfair dismissals, employment contracts and any disputes in the workplace.
There are two jurisdictions in relation to employment law. It is important that, should you start a claim, you commence it within the correct jurisdiction.
If you are employed by a corporation, subject to some exceptions, and some councils you will fall under the federal jurisdiction and the Fair Work Act. The Fair Work Act does not cover state government employees, employees of a sole trader, partnership or trust.
The employees who do not fall under the Fair Work Act in Western Australia will come under Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission.
  • If you feel you have:
  • been Unfairly Dismissed;
  • been Denied Contractual Entitlements; or
  • had your workplace rights adversely affected,
You have a short time frame in which to act and you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.
If you are an employer we can assist you in implementing systems to ensure the hiring, dispute resolution and termination of employee proceed with as little risk as possible.

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