Family Law

Child Orders
Arrangements between the parties concerning a child can be a difficult subject to deal with because of its sensitive nature.
We can assist with custody applications and drafting parenting orders. We can also assist with paternity recognition, cross border and international issues.
When necessary, our firm uses the help of external professionals such as psychologists and family consultants for the best interest of minors.
Divorce Applications
Divorce Applications can be challenging especially in circumstances where the parties are separated under one roof. We can help with applications of this nature in addition to joint applications and separate divorce applications.
Disputes in Relation to Matrimonial Assets
Disputes relating to joint assets regardless of whether the parties are married or in a de facto relationship can often be a challenging and complex area to deal with, especially if there are children involved.
We can assist with the division of assets and negotiation on your behalf to reach a property settlement with the other party. Our firm’s policy is to keep you updated when a new offer is on the table and extensively discuss with you the offer and advise what is on your best interest.
Consent Orders
When you reach an agreement with the other party, it is our advice to formalise the agreement by way of Consent Orders. We can assist with the drafting arrangements to identify and protect your interests.

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