Advocacy & Court Appearance

We will appear in Court and before Tribunals to argue legal cases on behalf of our clients. We will also provide an expertise of legal strategy and dispute resolution whether it be in Court or a mediation setting.
George Papamihail Advocacy services operates with an experienced team offering advocacy services to private clients in:
  • Family Law;
  • And Criminal Law.
We provide specialized services in:
  • Appearances at directions hearings, conciliation conferences, summary proceedings, trials as well as appeals;
  • Providing advice, opinion and strategy in all family law and criminal matters;
  • Acting as mediators, arbitrators or facilitators in an ADR setting.
Court Appearance
If you have a Court matter and need legal representation, please contact us now. We handle all court matters including the Local, District, Supreme and High Court of Australia. We will help you with mediation, conciliations, arbitrations and tribunal matter and other legal matters requiring legal representation.
Our services include court attendances for:
  • Criminal matters
  • Civil matters
  • Divorce matters
  • Family law disputes
  • Custody matters
  • Traffic cases including drink driving cases
  • Tribunal matters including review applications of visa refusals and cancellations

Our Legal Team

A close knit team dedicated to bringing your needs to fruition.

Director & Principal
Law Clerk