Family Law and Department of Child Services

I hired George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors to represent me in my Family Court matter and they did so with professionalism, integrity, outstanding knowledge and advice to bring my case to a successful conclusion. I trusted them through the whole process, and they have rewarded me for my faith. If there ever is a need for future legal representation, I will definitely be using the services of George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors. I highly recommend George Papamihail and Biljana Radulovic for knowledgeable, professional and timely legal counsel.

Family Law Matter

Thank you, George and the team for getting my matter “over the line”. It has been a prolonged and stressful affair and I am fortunate and grateful for the support I received.

Employment & Contract Law

When I resigned from my employer to start new employment, I was told I needed to sign a contract before I could leave. I was unsure if my employer had a right to do this and I was worried what my former employer could legally do to me. After being told by friends that I should see a lawyer I was told to see George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors. After seeing George Papamihail, I was left with no doubts about my legal position and confident I could leave my employer without difficulty. The care and attention to detail was impressive and I am happy with the service provided to me.

Employment Law & Misconduct Hearings

When my former employer decided to investigate me for misconduct it was an extremely stressful time of my life. Everyone I spoke to made me believe that I was wrong and I would be facing criminal charges. That all changed once I spoke about my case with George. George has a wealth of knowledge and did not stop fighting for me at every stop. At the end of the day, the case against me was dropped and I am relieved that I had George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors on my side throughout this ordeal.

Wills, Estates and Probate

Thank you for achieving the unachievable!

Criminal Law – Trial

I would like to thank George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors after I received outstanding advice and assistance with my Criminal Law Matter, being unsure that this would have a positive result but George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors had succeeded in providing me with a positive outcome with this matter. They were very professional and I trusted them through the whole process. Thank you for doing everything possible to assist me throughout all of this. I will have no hesitations what so ever to recommend you to family, friends and others in need of your professional assistance in future.

Criminal Law – Sentencing

I had hired George Papamihail Barristers & Solicitors to represent my Criminal Law Matter. They made me feel very comfortable, positive and calm throughout this ordeal at all times, with how this matter was handled with exceptional professionalism and knowledge. I will definitely be using their services again if need be and recommending them to any people in need of any assistance. I would not have been able to walk away with a successful outcome without their help.

Our Team

A close knit team dedicated to bringing your needs to fruition.

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